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Not The Smartest Criminal

Jaywalking by itself does not lead to a search of a person.  But if when you are stopped and start to run and throw a punch at an officer then you got troubles.  Also tip for would be bad-guys: try not to run from the cops with a shirt over your head.  Also if you wear your pants down low even the slowest officer can out run you  because your jeans will slide to your knees and you trip. The police call this catching a penguin.

Here is an excerpt form a recent bust in Warren, Ohio from the Tribune Chronicle:

McKeithen fled on foot, throwing the box to the ground, where the officer was able to see a large sum of money and suspected narcotics as he grabbed McKeithen’s shirt and McKeithen tried to pull his shirt over his head in an attempt to get away, also throwing a punch and nearly striking Green in the face.

With his shirt over his head, McKeithen ran into a telephone pole head-on, according to reports, which noted he was ordered to stop but continued running into traffic. Green ran after him, also nearly being struck before deploying his Taser at McKeithen.

Ouch!  Try standing still and ask for your jaywalking ticket next time.

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