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  1. #1 by Patricia Paridon on October 6, 2011 - 11:48 pm

    Greetings David Engler, Esq.
    This is a total outrage! I have blasted out the court hearing and your article to over 200 people who will in turn blast it out to their groups. This agency needs to be shut down in order to save our children and save the tax payers from wasting their money. A group of us showed up at the last 2 CSB board meetings. There are more attorneys and doctors’s speaking out against travesties like these at the hands of CSB case workers, who tell the family courts what to do and they do it! I have heard from more victims and I see the pattern. We need a lawyer to run for Judge of Trumbull County Family Court. Know anyone we can support? Area Lawyers need to step up and unite: How’s this sound: LACE = Lawyers Against Child Exploitation. Another Lawyer went to the last CSB board meeting and I spoke with him today. CSB and the Family Court are committing crimes against the children and good parents repeatedly. I appreciate your article.
    Patricia Paridon
    Cell: 330-207-4062

    • #2 by eguardianship on October 8, 2011 - 5:39 pm

      Thank you Patricia. I am working toward real reform at CSB. I have seen the arrogance that is present in this case. Next week I will contact you so you can bring me up to date on efforts. My fear is that this tragedy will be swept under the “rug” of let’s review our policies. Please remember that if this case was where a parent allowed abuse to take place…the child would be removed immediately.

  2. #3 by Greg Hanson on February 16, 2012 - 11:23 pm

    “Please remember that if this case was where a parent allowed
    abuse to take placeā€¦the child would be removed immediately.”

    In most states caseworkers do not really even
    need to assert that there is imminent danger
    using anything resembling common sense.
    This appears to be the MAJORITY of dependency cases.

    Meanwhile caseworkers investigate kids where
    common sense says they are in imminent danger,
    and leave them in that situation.

    ie: Despite the shotgun solution of removing thousands
    of kids they didn’t need to, they also manage to leave
    some that they blatantly should have removed.

    It seems to be about whether or not caseworkers LIKE
    somebody or their personality or political views rather
    than any actual child safety issues.

    Several states formed a consortium to create a
    risk assessment form for caseworkers to use.
    The consortium was called “Structured Decision Making”
    but their web site had a disclaimer that their forms
    were not to be used for actual decision making.
    I ridiculed them for this and their web site was
    quickly scuttled.

    But the forms have spread through MORE states.

    Family Rights groups obtained the Michigan one
    and after studying it realized than any divorced
    or single woman living on a farm who kills chickens
    and with a rifle to shoot raccoons is determined
    to be a BAD RISK for kids, before the caseworker
    even knocks on the door.

    Points are knocked off for:
    Single parent
    Own a firearm (regardless of gun safe)
    living more than 2 miles out of town
    more than 2 kids

    The form was supposedly made to be objective and
    not subjective, but it’s riddled throughout with blanks
    for the caseworker to fudge the score for whatever
    subjective reasons they choose.

    ie: The fudge blanks defeat any objectivity the form encourages.

    Prosecutors from county to county can vary WILDLY
    as far as what Child Protection cases they will
    prosecute or decline. Some prosecutors will prosecute
    even the craziest BS cases that the Bureaucrat
    caseworkers bring to them. Some prosecutors
    refuse to prosecute stupid cases that the
    Socialist caseworkers send to them.

    In Iowa, one county prosecutor even caught onto
    the fact that a caseworker was committing
    blatant perjury on cases he was reviewing.

    He actually launched criminal perjury charges
    against the caseworker and subpoena’d more
    records from Iowa DHS. DHS simply refused
    to answer the lawful subpoenas from a
    prosecutor and were never punished for this.

    The prosecutor had his case dismissed without
    prejudice so that he could supposedly file
    it again someday. Someday never came.

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