People and Their Stories

The Law Offices of Attorney David Engler – 330- 729-9777

People are what a Law Firm is all about. People have problems and difficulties and events that only an attorney can solve. People, often through no fault of their own, find themselves looking at situations which are heartbreaking, urgent, or just unsolvable for them in their own minds. That’s why we work every day to try and bring them solace and solutions. It’s our job to take on their burdens as our own and find a way to ease that burden for them. In our practice there are hundreds of stories about individuals. These are real people with real issues that need someone to stand up for them and take on their case. That’s why we are here.

These stories are real. The people are real. Confidences of my client’s are never violated, we have their permission to tell you the story, though we will never identify or allow the individuals involved to be identified. Names are changed or not revealed. Facts might be different, but the story is true. They are entitled to their privacy, yet we appreciate their willingness to allow others to hear/read their story and understand that life is not always the way we would like it to be. Often life takes us down a path for which we are not prepared or able, when you call us to help, we will give you our best efforts, complete with an understanding and empathy of life and its circumstances.

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